quarta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2010

Teams on alert for the third giant swell of the month

With the possibility of another giant swell heading to the Portuguese coastline, everything points out that tomorrow (Thursday) we’ll see another tow in session at Nazaré, with the duo Garrett McNamara/José Gregório and other guests.
After catching the biggest waves ever surfed in Praia do Norte, Nazaré, on the 3rd of November, and having explored smaller but very intense ones on the 10th of November in Praia da Vila, McNamara is now getting ready for the entry of another huge swell.

The extreme waterman Garrett McNamara, 43 years old, is one of the most respected big waves surfer in the world. GMAC is in Nazaré, Portugal, during this month, to explore the potential of its waves and his return to Hawaii has already been delayed.

“From the beginning we had planned to stay here for about three weeks”, said McNamara, “but soon I realized that I had to stay here a few days longer! The potential is huge and the waves deserve all the opportunities we can get. That’s why I’ll return home at the end of the month”, concluded.

José Gregório, a former Portuguese triple surfer champion and one of the most respected in Portugal, has been Garrett’s partner, but this time they’ll be in the company of the Irish Alistair Mennie and the English Andrew Cotton, which recently launched tow in in one of the most fearless waves in Ireland – Prowlers –, that is already considered one of the biggest in Europe.

The two surfers arrive today in Portugal. They had accepted an invitation from Garrett and the organization to explore, for the first time Nazaré’s waves. They saw Garrett’s, Gregório and Peyo Lizarazu (the French surfer that also made the session on 3rd November) images on the same swell they surfed Prowlers, a kind of European version of the famous American Maverick.

“This swell looks bigger than the last one, maybe with two meters over, which can be translated into 10 meters waves”, said José Gregório, who has closely followed the hugest swells during the last years in Nazaré. “Garrett and all of us are very lucky because we caught two huge swells in one month. And there’s a third one coming, once again without wind. We hope that we can surf a bomb”, concluded with excitement.

Attention to the forecast evolution during the next hours as well as to the Nazaré’s waves tomorrow. Everything is prepared and the surfers are ready for another challenge!

This project is organized by Câmara Municipal da Nazaré, Clube de Desportos Alternativos da Nazaré and Nazaré Qualifica E.E.M., with the support of Turismo do Oeste, QREN, MaisCentro, Feder, Turismo de Portugal – Oeste, Liberty Seguros, Lightning Bolt, GoPro – D’Maker, Filipemotoshow, Isuzu, Lena Automóveis, Peter Grimm, Noll, Instituto Hidrográfico Português, Tonic Gym, Surftotal, Surf Portugal, Antena 3, Surfer Rule and Surfspots-gps.com.

Photos by Wilson Ribeiro