domingo, 7 de novembro de 2010

Interview: Maria João Nogueira

The organization of The North Canyon Show by Garrett McNamara decided to interview
some sponsors and some Portuguese surfers, big wave's supporters, to know what they think about Praia do Norte and specifically about this project.
Today: Maria João Nogueira (Lightning Bolt)

The North Canyon Show by Garrett McNamara. What does it mean for Lighting Bolt to participate in this action?

Lightning Bolt recognizes itself in this kind of events, where the challenge is to overcome our own limits, in a natural confrontation with the sea, where the intuition, charisma, authenticity and experience of the true watermen are revealed in its fullest expression. For Lightning Bolt, to support this action means, therefore, to promote the brand’s original values and to boost surfing experience.

The big waves are on the genesis of your brand. It’s your goal to return to the roots?
Only a handful of surfers are associated to the Pipeline’s giant wave, and among them are the Lightning Bolt pioneers in Hawaii. No other surf spot in the world has the ability to generate or ruin reputations as Pipeline and Riders of Lightning Bolt at the time, as Gerry Lopez and Rory Russell who surfed that wave like no other. The ray became internationally acknowledged as the most seen symbol coming out of the Pipeline’s tubes. But much more than a symbol are the values and the symbology associated to this heritage of the big wave riders, and globally recognized by the surfing community, that we continue to promote and defend, such as courage, daring, intuition and watermen’s experience, the taste for search, challenge and discovery, soul surfing, the sea respect for timings and perfect positioning that, associated to a very cool and relaxed style, make everything look easy. Our roots haven’t lost contemporaneity and continue to be the great challenge of nowadays.

How can Praia do Norte and Portugal benefit from this international icon visit?
Praia do Norte is, no doubt, a world class spot, with a big swell that provides an atmosphere of peace and respect for nature to the lovers of big surf and strong emotions. The visit of an extreme surfing’s master like Garrett is an excellent way to promote the spot where big waves break in the Portuguese coastline as well as the country as a superior surf’s destination, with great places for the practice of tow-in. Garrett raises, all over the world, an exceptional appreciation and admiration for his unique career, for his brave but responsible attitude, boosted by deeply respect for the natural elements and for his own limits, for his visceral passion for surfing. So he’s the ideal guest to promote our Queen of Nazaré.

Would you like to leave a support message to this Garrett’s mission?
Lightning Bolt is proud to belong to a world where there are surfers with such a brilliant career! You have already made history, Garrett! Now… just enjoy!