terça-feira, 2 de novembro de 2010


Wow! Today was a busy day, full of ups and downs. I woke up at 9:55 and had to be at the light house at 10:30 for an interview. I have to admit that I am definitely experiencing some jet lag considering I usually wake up at 4 am every morning, and sleeping all most the entire day yesterday. After thinking about it this is my first time ever traveling half way around the world. 

The location of the interview was really cool. We met the news crew in the old rustic building that houses the light house. Classic place. The journalist asked some really great questions about my mission here so I am really excited to see the article in next Sundays paper. 

From there we had a quick lunch and then headed into Lisbon for our tour of the National Hydrological Institute. I didn't know quite what to expect but it ended up being a really interesting experience. The institute is located in an old convent. You could really feel the history as you walked through the arch ways.

The scientists put together a great presentation on the canyon at Nazare and all the data they have collected about the waves and wind over the years. 

It really helped me to put into perspective the inner workings of the wave by seeing what is below the surface. I also got to chat with Payo, a waterman from France, who had nothing but great things to say about the wave at Nazare, which made me even more excited.

  After, the very educational program we headed back into Nazare and checked out the local gym, Tonic, that is letting is work out there. They offer some really great classes and have all brand new equipment. I am ready to make a training schedule and stick with it!  

 So far the food has been pretty awesome here in Portugal. Exactly what I like to eat... fresh fish and salad, but tonight the Portugeuse out did themselves. I had the most delicious clams I have ever eaten. They were cooked in this broth with cilantro and lemon. The flavors were out of this world. I think I will be ordering this dish again!

Back at the apartment it was time to prepare the boards for the exploration session tomorrow. I am really anxious to actually get out on the ski and feel the power of this place from the ocean. I am hoping the weather cooperates and the conditions are good for a little play time.

As I write this I have been overwhelmed with news from back home. First I find out that my partner Keali'i Mamala has made it to the finals of the Nelscott Paddle contest. I am so proud of him and trying to wait patiently for the final results. Unfortunately at the same time I also discovered that my dear friend Andy Irons has passed away. All I can really manage to say at this moment is that I am deeply saddened and praying for his family and close friends. He will be missed!