sábado, 13 de novembro de 2010

Interview: Carlos Vieira

The organization of The North Canyon Show by Garrett McNamara decided to interview

some sponsors and some Portuguese surfers, big wave's supporters, to know what they think about Praia do Norte and specifically about this project.

Today: Carlos Vieira (GoPro - D'Maker)

The North Canyon Show by Garrett McNamara. What does it mean for GoPro – D’Maker to participate in this action?
Garrett has been an inspiration and a role model for thousands of enthusiasts around the world, for his will, audacity and skill to surpass his own limits on surfing, showing us that the human spirit’s achievements are reachable. Garrett McNamara has the values that we – at D’Maker – chase with the same passion and stubbornness in the business world. It’s with a great honor and pleasure that we participate in The North Canyon Show with GoPro video cameras, so that later we can be able to relive the time this authentic hero spent in national territory. GoPro… be a hero.

Did you already knew the Nazare’s big waves?
No, we didn’t and its promotion is another merit of this event’s organization. We hope that the wave of audience is even greater.

What kind of equipment will you provide for this action?
GoPro HD Hero video and photography cameras.

Would you like to leave a support message to this Garrett’s mission?
Thanks for being here. We hope that you enjoy and have fun.