quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010

DAY12 - Another Training Day in Nazaré

This place is awesome for training!!!
First I woke up and ran straight up the 300ft cliff and down to check the waves at the light house. The waves were about 6-8feet Hawaiian so I decided to paddle from the South beach all the way to the light house point and then catch a few waves in on the north side. Boy was I in for a good training session.

I didn't want to drive all the way over to the harbor for my float suit so I went in my surf shorts. I got caught by a little white water and before I knew it I was heading towards the rocks.
This place is so powerful. Luckily I made it to the shore.

In the second half of the day we went to play golf. I have never really liked golf, but I had an amazing lesson and think I might actually enjoy it.

After the golf I went and ran the cliff again!!

Now I am going to eat the delicious plate of the day at restaurant Celeste. Everyone there takes such good care of us. I feel like I am at home!

Photos by Polvo